Onii-chan Theatre: You Should See What They Do To The Candy Stripers


Hey, ladies. It’s that time again. Onii-chan Theatre is coming hard for your ass. AWWW YEAH. Life is good. I’ll trust you’re all having a wonderful Saturday morning. Let’s just hop right into it though, this week it’s episode one of Yakin Byoutou or Night Shift Nurses as the white kids know it. I never really have anything to say in these fucking things. Just watch it and laugh or I will cut you.

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11 years ago

it seems hard to make comments to this.

But yeah, angles are weird.

And I seem to have forgotten the order of things. Oh well.

I feel sorry for you since you take time to comment on this.

For next time: Bondage Game? Bible Black?

11 years ago

That was entertaining. I actually laughed.

Cuddy & House FTW.

Freedom III
Freedom III
11 years ago

Thanks for this one…it had me laughing for a grand majority of the video…

Also, it reminded me of a “jikkyou play” video on niconico where somebody lost a bet and had to do what you do in Oniichan Theatre for a eroge…

11 years ago

I gotta say, at least it has much higher production values than La Blue Girl!

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