Onii-chan Radio: I Might Be Boss 4


So, it’s that time again, I guess, for another episode of Onii-chan Radio. I cover a lot of fun topics this time, ranging from the blossoming feelings of a pubescent female to the intricacies of girls who can grow dicks spontaneously. All-in-all, I’d say it was a pretty good episode. Felt good anyway. I totally came halfway through. It’s hard to keep the energy after a blowout like that, but I tried to keep it up. I think you can appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: I Might Be Boss

  • C.C.

    Ew don’t talk about your penis. Ugh ugh ugh.

    Why must you define me by my breasts? Why do you call my entirely valid question “retarded”? Why do you have to bring Maestro up at every chance you get? I THINK IT IS YOU WHO IS IN LOVE WITH HIM. Faggot. щ(゚д゚щ)

    I do not have affectionate feelings for you.
    You’re gross.

    Also since I respect you I have not added my blog link to this comment – you’re still a fag, onii-sama. * ゚ + 。・゚・。・ヽ( ´∀`)ノ

  • Onii-chan Post author

    OK! Two things.

    Firstly, I don’t actually care if you link your blog.

    Secondly, I only define you by your tits and etc, etc, etc. for the sake of humor. So there.

    Fully engorged.

  • manga

    Yes, Sagara family doesn´t work on Vista 64bit if you don´t get the CD version. Downloadable version doesn´t work on 64bit Vista.

    If it can emulate a 32bit enviroment then it´ll work. But isn´t the V-mate dead now? I thought I read something about that. But at the same time, old game needs old shit :p

    Yes, Arthemia is good looking :) And this variant is nice and well made.
    You know I like Arthemia.

    Night Shift Nurses… yuck I say, yuck. But I do want to hear your comments.

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