Onii-chan Theatre: A Horse is a Horse 10


Today we will be taking a little trip down freaky Horse guy lane and watching the seminal (Semen. Get it?) Words Worth. My encoder decided to be a fuck but there you go. It’s a good episode of a sort of mediocre hentai and it’s full of delicious exposition and not-so-full of hot fuck action. But don’t you worry. These talky shows, they have their place. Anyway, I’m no good at this wind-up posts. Just watch the fucking thing.

10 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: A Horse is a Horse

  • Kitouski

    O_O This killed any sign of any boner I once had before I clicked play, I mean oh my god, wtf is up with the horse man?

  • gia

    Are you kidding? I BOUGHT words worth! And then I couldn’t find it to bring to the hentai panel. Sad pandas.

  • manga

    The tablet was once shared between the dark and light races. But one day it suddenly got destroyed and war was fought to reassemble the tablet as well as find the guilty ones for breaking it in the first place.

    Bluehair = the oldest RPG cliche in the book. All heroes in most japanese RPGs have blue hair for some odd reason.

    She talks about how she wishes the main hero to be more like the one she admires. Famous general in the shadow clan.

    You wanna know the reasons for your thoughts about the father-son thing? I can tell you :p

    Yes, he is going to hit the catgirl.

    Running in armour requires a bit of time to stop. And if the first stop in a dark cave the other will push the ones before them down :p
    Rince and repeat. But yeah. I agree with you. STOP RUNNING!!

    Yes, only fighting with the skull at that scene :p

    The fugly guy will rape a girl yes. In a disgusting way. Worse than what the horse did…

    What about pigs raping innocent tied up girl?

    Great review. I laughed my ass of. Seen the whole thing. Some comedy acts are displayed.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    manga… do they have comedy in Sweden? Actually, nevermind. That question will get me a very long history of comedy in Sweden and all the ways in which it has influenced the world or something.

  • manga

    Yes we have comedy in Sweden.

    Bad choice of words from me again… I need to reevaluate my thought patterns.

    I have this bad habit to tell people what I think. I´ll try to keep it in check from now on.

    I await the next theatre. And then I´ll keep my big mouth shut with that kind of comment.

  • manga

    I actually understood that. But at the same time it is also true.

    But I´m driving people crazy here so. Why not keep it up :p
    yes, that was a lame joke.

  • on time

    Great show, enjoyed the review about the episode

    Oh, I almost forgot, where is the pic from? (game?)

    Anyway nice show, can’t wait for more

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