A dasaku Network Podcast.

Wow. Just wow. Getting this thing recorded was maybe one of the most harrowing experiences since elephants charged down mountains all those years ago. Did it come out well? … Eh. We had to do it three times, the recording software did a questionable job.

Is it funny? I like to think so. A bit funny, a bit insightful. Please do enjoy it. And if you have an idea for the name of this fucking thing, go for it.

UPDATE: Now with delicious domino related omake!



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I make zero sense in the introductions, fuck me.


A bit too long for me to be able to absorb the gist of it, but other than the sound quality, good effort for a first(second, third?) attempt.


At that point we were just tired from the whole thing thanks to 3 MINUTES’D, but hey! THE SS DISAPPOINTMENT SETS SAIL! WHOOOO!


So where did SS DISAPPOINTMENT come from?


Randall, you should just be on the podcast alone. You make it funny. EVERYONE ELSE IS JUST NOISE


Keep em comming :)

But one thing Oniichan, don´t be so mean to everyone :p


K-On is the best show this season. Yui is mai waifu.


Pretty amusing. xD It was good, not as good as Onii-chan Radios though, as long as these don’t replace them. :P