Onii-chan Theatre: Akibakei Onii-chan

This new and exciting world insists upon new and exciting mediums. And having cleared up the technical difficulties standing my path, I HAVE MADE VISUAL SEX! Don’t believe me? Well take a gander below and you’ll see the power and the glory for yourself.

That’s right. I have done a patently unfunny walk-through of the first episode of Akibakei Kanojo. Please do let me know what you think. Hopefully you dig it. Especially the ladies, aww yeah.

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Keep em comming Oniichan :)

I enjyed watching this so keep this going for as long as you can.

yes, a very good job.


Yup. I wrote the comment while I watched. And I enjoyed it. So as said, keep em comming :)


I found this totally hilarious. I loved this commentary, and would love to see some more actually. XD


It was really funny, keep going. :)