Onii-chan Radio: Lun Lun Logic 8

Holy fucking dick, I actually wasn’t lying about getting the podcast up. Haha. Yeah, life tries to keep a motherfucker down, but I WILL COME BACK STRONGER THAN EVER! Right then, enough about this. Today is a very unspecial episode in that it’s the first visual novel (eroge).

I reviewed the Peach Princess title Princess Waltz. One thing that I forgot to mention in the review was that it works fine on Vista, which was an issue for a lot of older eroge (like Yume Miru Kusuri). I didn’t get a chance to test it under Wine on Linux, so I’m not sure about that one. But enough talk. Have at you!


8 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Lun Lun Logic

  • VZ

    Hi. Thanks for taking a look at my artwork and answering my questions. I hope it wasn’t too much at once.

  • manga

    Nice podcast. If I could ask you to, please do talk about X-change 3 in a comming podcast since I couldn´t hear you talking about that in this.

    and yes, I´m also one of the hostees that hear the decrease in quality when the mp3 only have 192 instead of the full.

    Nice shot of Angela as well.

  • Fatan

    Who the fuck is Keyser Söze? According to Wikipedia, he’s a ‘kingpin’, but that’s not the answer, it seems, to the Ask Onii-chan human-confirmation thing.
    Other than that, good podcast, as always, took way too long, etc.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Hey no worries. Ask all the questions you want. Haha.

    Can do. Hey, also if you could please submit that via Ask Onii-chan… otherwise I’ll probably forget. -_-

    Sorry about that. I changed it to a question that should be much easier to answer.

  • VZ

    Heh, someone went to my blog and posted their Christian “pornography is evil” crap in my comments. Guess what’s going in the trash?

    And the things is, I like Gundam and mecha anime too but I’m more into it as a fan of the mecha and less about the story. The people that think moe is killing anime need to take a good look at what’s been selling in Japan. There, moe anime is what’s keeping the industry going (I don’t want to hear that BS that other people say that marketing to otaku is like someone eating its own tail). Although moe really has been around since Tezuka, it IS the indicative trend of now and anime fans (the kind that think that it should only be mature derp deep) need to stop hating it.

  • Kitouski

    Stumbled upon your site by I-don’t-remember-how, but whatever the case, awesome podcast, can’t wait to hear a new one from you, listened to the first one to last one in the last twenty-four hours and I loved it. xD

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