Onii-chan Radio: Onward to Battle 4

I HAVE MADE ANOTHER OF PODCASTS! Please to enjoying it. Right, enough of that. Got a new podcast in which I answer a few questions and review the new Icarus Publishing title, Aqua Bless, in great detail. Great and sticky detail. Ladies love it.

Anyway, in keeping with my attempt to churn out an actual amount of content. In this week’s very special episode of Onii-chan Radio, I discuss love, how I got  to where I am today, and applaud the efforts of Icarus in their latest release as it fails to make me sick. GOOD JOB! So yeah, enjoy that. And then tell me all about it. And then join the forums, which I have sadly not had a ton of time to deal with. YAY!


4 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Onward to Battle

  • Simon Jones

    Hey hey hey now, I was 18 in my senior HS year… besides, all of our manga stories take place in private academies. Even if the school is called Tokyo District 12 HS. =p

    About the comics on the first and last page… in Japan, almost all ero manga have a dust jacket with french folds (the flaps that fold into the actual cardstock cover.) On the cover underneath the dust jacket, sometimes artists would draw little comics or write notes, bonus “omake” type stuff. Since we don’t have dust jackets, but we still want to include everything in the Japanese edition in our version, we put these things on the first interior page. It’s a compromise, but it’s still in the correct reading order. Just think of it as the preface.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Ahhhh, right. I had sort of neglected the idea that they might be on the dust jacket because of the size of the comics, most artists just do stuff on the inside flappy parts, and then the flip side cover is often either just white or has alternate art altogether, at least the books I’ve got that’s the case.

    So, the blame lies with the artist then! Fair enough.

    As for the schools, I’m sure that, in fact, all of the characters in your books are also some sort of ageless vampire creatures who are REALLY closer to 500 years old, so the idea of them being of age is laughable at that point. Clearly a 500 year old knows how to make their own decisions about train sex.

  • Rakuen

    Hey, Onii-sama, thanks for answering my question on Tyrant Punish. Great podcast, now I’m trying to get my hands on that Aqua Bless.

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