Onii-chan Radio: The Trouble with School Girls 4

Holy fucking dicks! Another post? Amazing.

Well, I felt bad about leaving you guys hanging for so long and I had some other stuff to review, so here’s another podcast with some fresh reviews. I’m going to read over my schedule I made a while back and try to get something set up for that. Now, I know this episode isn’t exactly my best work, but fuck sake, I am lazy. Let’s try to keep that in mind going forward. The trick is to give myself something to talk about and this time I didn’t have so much to discuss. Probably it shows.

… I’ve got to get a co-host or something. Oh well! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: The Trouble with School Girls

  • Hyperguy

    Turnaround time on this was amazing. Wish more people would submit more ‘Ask Oniichan” questions since imo they’re the high points of these podcasts.

    There’s way too many Touhou doujins, and sadly, the majority of them suck. I wouldn’t mind ’em so much if they were at least good fap fodder, but the majority of EVERYTHING ELSE feels much better than a decent to great Touhou doujin. Not to hark on Touhou(Just Touhou doujinshi), but the pairings really don’t come off as very interesting, and it doesn’t help that the majority of the characters are underdeveloped. I don’t think it translates to hentai very well, but since there’ll always be Touhou fans there’ll always be a demand for Touhou hentai.

    Compared to the amount of rape stories, consensual sex really is a rarity. It’s almost as if it’s taboo for a woman to be open about wanting or initiating sex. Off the top of my head the only character I can think of who is the exception to the rule would have to be Tamaki from To Heart 2. The rest are either demons, aliens, or otherworldly figures who don’t have second thoughts about it since they’re bringing with them their own set of otherworldly values.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    That turnaround time… it was a fluke. haha. No, here’s hoping I can manage to get some more of them done here pretty soon. And I agree about the Ask Onii-chan thing, so hopefully it will pick up more as my posting becomes more consistent.

    I tend to agree about Touhou. I mean, I dig the games as I’m a huge danmaku fan, though I’ve seen better stories. Still, it’s become this huge thing and I can’t really figure out why. It reeks of bandwagonism!! Lazy bastards!

    And that’s an interesting observation you’ve made about the sort of chicks who are willing to just bone for fun or because they’re actually outwardly going for the guy in question. It’d almost seem like the author would have to subconsciously make that decision though. I mean, if you can apply any morals to any character, why limit it to demons and the like unless you just feel like a normal chick couldn’t really have that attitude without being some over the top lecher. YOU HAVE HIT ON SOMETHING INTERESTING THERE! IT REQUIRES FURTHER RESEARCH!

  • ritchan

    Touhou remixes have been flooding the doujin music scene. The few you should listen are Redalice’s Scarlet Eyes and Masayoshi Minoshima’s Dancefloor Combat. The rest are disposable.

  • TDC


    Do you want test subjects? :D

    But srsly, you’re spoiling us with this turnaround.

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