Onii-Chan Radio #6: The Autumn of Youth

So I made this new podcast. It’s got a review and some question answerin’. Yeaaah, I know the last one was in August, but FUCK SAKE, some shit happened, ok? Hopefully Simon will still love me after this one though. No one will be able to accuse me of giving him handjobs in exchange for porn to review. Not that I was trying to be mean. Ah well, fuck it. Go ahead and listen. As ever I tackle a confusingly vast number of issues. RIGHT THEN! Back to video games and porn.

Edit: Forums up.

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Glad you’re still around. Hope to hear some good reviews.


Holy shit, an update!


ohwow! downloading!


“Just too many fluids.”

Another entertaining and rambling podcast. :D

Have you considered getting a guest speaker on with you? That might be interesting.