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Ok, first things first, this is not going to be one of those posts about how I plan to reaaallly start ramping up the content out put of the site. Those are all full of gusto and tend to end up poorly, with people crying and lots of shit like that. It’s not a good time and it is usually a quality sign that people are having feelings of guilt about neglect to something they don’t really like.

That being said, currently, I’ve been pleased with how OCnE is these days, and I’ve got some things in mind to keep it updating a bit more regularly. I’m going to try some new things. And some fun things. And some things that involve buttplugs and underage girls.

Before that, I wanted to just say, I really do enjoy the Ask Onii-chan questions I get, and I am writing this entry, in large part, to ask you to please send your questions along. You can click this link or click Ask Onii-chan above. If the form doesn’t work properly, please leave a comment to that effect and I’ll try to clear things up.

So! What was that fun shit I was talking about? WELL! Not much really. I mean, like I said, mostly I want some Ask Onii-chan questions to answer. They’re fun and get me onto topics I might not have thought to discuss. They can be about anything, really. Don’t worry about limiting it to eroero shit.

But yes! The new shit! Well, it’s a pretty brief explanation, so let’s just out with it.

  • Business as Usual
    • That is to say, I will be doing the podcasts as normal, with the typical reviews and Ask Onii-chan stuff. Ask Onii-chan is always going to preface any podcast if I have questions, so no worries there. But yes, review podcasts and that sort of standard stuff is going to keep up as normal.
  • Machinations Series
    • Right now I have mentally planned for two new episodes of the Machinations of Erotism series. Want to know what they’re going to be able? SURE! I’ll be dealing with rape fantasy and humiliation fetishes. I’ll try to be as thorough as possible, covering things from all angles. AS I AM WONT TO DO.
    • If you’d like to see a specific fetish covered in Machinations, please do ASK ME.
  • Onii-chan Revisits the Classics
    • Right now, this is sort of my idea for a new kind of podcast. Well, think podcast mixed with MST3K, only about Japanese cartoon porn. Yeah, that’s what I’m going for. Basically, I will be watching an episode of a classic hentai show and I will be talking along with the show, so as to give you the benefit of my wit and insight. I mean, I could see how this would bother you if I was unfunny, but I like to think I’m capable. I’ll also be bringing in some specialists in making fun of porn/analyzing porn to join me on these podcasts. I’ll also try to make sure they’re listenable without the episode of the show handy for those of you who don’t feel like doing the leg work.

And then, there are some ideas branding from those, but you get the gist. So! Please do comment and let me know what you think. Feedback helps me out a lot since I really only get feedback from the few comments and people I get to talk to on IRC.

Now I have to go sit around naked and watch The Running Man. That’s right. It’s not all porn for me. Sometimes it’s Ass Naked 80s Action Movie Night(tm). You know you’re going to do it now. Do it with the girlfriend. It’s a bonding experience. But remember the rules, no sex before the characters in the action movie have had sex. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT! Rules are rules.

Yes, that’s Riza Wildman in the post banner. She is hot as shit, sexy muscles. She needs not be naked to invoke giant erections and sloshy vagina tide pools alike.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Onii-chan: A Tentative Schedule

  • Suzu

    That’s funny, I had a question in mind but that’s resolved itself with your new machination series. Ah, and yeah well I always follow your posts, it’s interesting. I’m a girl and into into Boys Love so it’s sometimes funny to see how the fetishes and fantasies are alike.
    Ah, yeah, I don’t have anything against podcasts, but it would be nice if they’d be a bit more polished like without “ah, uhm, yeah, where was I”. I know that’s pretty difficult, but it’s easier to listen to. (you may already know that much)
    Greets Suzu

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Honestly, I’ve considered trying to put more polish on the podcast. I do get how it could help people who aren’t native English speakers as well. Thing being, if I tried to put more polish on it, I would have to plan things out a lot more and have lots of notes, basically have a script.

    I don’t like scripts, I don’t like the sort of fake feelings of highly shaped discussion, and I always want my podcast to be as long as it ends up being, regardless of what I feel like talking about. It’s a really organic (faggy word) process for me, and if it wasn’t, I doubt I’d enjoy doing it so much.

    As an aside, I do intend to try to get shit together a bit better when I’m recording. Having all the materials I need at the ready and so on, but really that’s about it. If I scripted it, I’d never go off on entertaining tangents and it’d start to feel like work and so on.


  • Kyaa the Catlord

    RAMBLING IS GOOD THOUGH. We like it when you ramble. Keep rambling. Ramble ON!

    And I love the banner pic. OMG. HOT.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Glad you dig it.

    New podcast will be coming soon. Got a big project at work and once I get that out of the way I will have a tiny bit of… not downtime, but less-busy-time.

  • Fatan

    RAMBLE ON! It’s one of the best point of the show; It’s something a USER posts! Not some monkey in a suit, but someone who faps to it like we do!

    …plus it makes you sound funny, to me, to be like you’re, uhm, stoned. ish. Whatever.

    Other than that, goodie goodie, can’t wait for the next show.

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