Onii-chan Radio: Smart People Getting Stupid 8

Well, I thought it was high time I got off my goofy ass and made another podcast. This one clocks in at nearly 56 minutes so that ought to give you fuckers something to listen to until I find the time to slap together another one. I know it might seem like it’s not much work or whatever, but a large part of it is finding time where my head is clear enough to just talk about the stuff without worrying about other things I should be doing.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the Ask Onii-chan questions. They’re fun to answer and all that. Annnddd… that’s about it for me. Please do enjoy the music this episode. Annndd… I think I fixed the encoding issues. I might need to normalize the volume a bit, but I am using a much better encoder now.

8 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Smart People Getting Stupid

  • mt-i

    Regarding female eromangaka, some extra recommendations: Sasakura Ayato and Sekiya Asami–both more or less RIN regulars, both into loli, but in actually quite different styles. I especially like the former, who draws beautiful tsuntsun girls (bordering on femdom) while she’s not working on the Shana manga. Eagerly waiting for her new tankoubon, to appear next month. The latter has a simpler, cuter drawing style that is quite enjoyable (you may have seen Haru no chuu in Moeoh for example), but her storylines can be a bit creepy at times…

    As for guys waving the ban stick, it’s not about safeguarding children (resp. car drivers, whatever)–it’s about pushing forward an idea of justice where we don’t punish people for actual wrongdoing but for being “dangerous”. We live in a world full of looming threats (terrorists, pedophiles, illegal aliens, drug addicts, fast drivers, nerds, fat and ugly people) that we must shield ourselves from. So we punish these people for threatening us. And then the threat becomes a lot more real, because statistics say we’re putting this many people in jail for it. Fabricating a public enemy 101. Wash and repeat.

  • tentacle guy

    Crowds: Mindless.
    Persons: Intelligent.
    This show: Late and awesome.
    Onii-chan: Lazy douche bag.
    If there was perfect logic in society, there would be no censorship or shit like that, except for rape and stuff that people don’t agree to.
    I should make a name.
    Video Games are good until an idiot plays them.
    People need to take responsibility.
    I have no idea WTF I’m talking about.

  • Omega

    Onii-chan fucking awesome job describing how parents should parent. I mean fucking awesome job!

    Oh, thanks for answering my questions, you’re like the first person around me who feels the same way. I wrote a paper saying about the same thing you said, once. It was returned to me with a 50% and I was told to rewrite it…

    keep it real-
    Ben R.

  • TDC

    “Like a retard trying to bash his way into a pantry full of snacks.”

    I officially love you, Onii-chan. :D

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Ending song is by a loverly Russian lady who calls herself Glukoza. The song is called Schweine. Here’s the video on YouTube.

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