Onii-chan Radio Episode 3: About Damn Time 9

Well, well, well! It’s about fucking time, eh? In this one I do a review of A Wish of My Sister (Oneechan no Onegai) and a short chat about Blue Eyes and Camp Heaven. I also answer all the Ask Onii-chan questions BUT YES! You will enjoy it I am sure. The audio is still a bit shit… I have no idea why the encoder is so shitty about it. Ah well! Enjoy it!

9 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio Episode 3: About Damn Time

  • anonymous

    Running commentary:

    Of course, none of your listers are retarded enough to care about Anime Blog Awards.

    >A Wish of my Sister
    >All characters appearing in this book are over the age of 18

    Sadly, I got mine in a batch from rightstuf along with a pre-order of Extract (free shipping), so I have to wait a whoooole more month to read a Wish of my Sister

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Well, I’m certainly hoping no one is retarded enough to care. Haha. I love that their FAQ even involves calling it a circle jerk.

    And it’s sad you have to wait a month to get A Wish of my Sister. That shit is seriously delicious. I vote yes 100 times.

  • Kyaa the Catlord

    Thanks for answering my question. :P

    I loved the music again. Aqualung is like… yeah. :)

    And you’re right, even if they hate it, they should get A Wish for My Sister. Its on my nightstand, and they’re wrong. Its amazing. :P

    (I love the story where the girl starts kissing the other girl only to reveal she’s a boy… Mmmm, that hit my strike zone right down the middle!)

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Hey, no problem. Feel free to send in more.

    And I try to keep the soundtrack fresh. I have a pretty eclectic range of music that I listen to so I try to find fun and interesting things to slap into the podcasts.

    AND THEY SHOULD GET IT! I love that book. Really, a wonderful job my Icarus with the words and printing as well.

    And you’re right about coming-out (which was the story) It was an awesome one. Also, another awesome eromanga drawn by a female mangaka.

  • Kyaa the Catlord

    Delicious it is. :P

    I’ll be submitting another question shortly. :P

  • Dando008

    Thanks for your answer to my question. Next time I’ll be more direct and to the point on my next one.

    It did took an amount of time answering and I appreciate it. If censorship was better in moderation (if that can be possible) there wouldn’t be so many over exaggerated stories in the media.

    I wouldn’t mind checking out A Wish for My Sister. I’ll see if I can buy it some where.

  • Crawfish

    Yo, i’m new here and this site kicks ass. Keep up the great work. Like Hello said “when I rape women” had me dying of laughter. Fapable art, nice wording :O

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