Onii-chan Radio #3: About Damn Time

Well, well, well! It’s about fucking time, eh? In this one I do a review of A Wish of My Sister (Oneechan no Onegai) and a short chat about Blue Eyes and Camp Heaven. I also answer all the Ask Onii-chan questions BUT YES! You will enjoy it I am sure. The audio is still a bit shit… I have no idea why the encoder is so shitty about it. Ah well! Enjoy it!

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Running commentary:

Of course, none of your listers are retarded enough to care about Anime Blog Awards.

>A Wish of my Sister
>All characters appearing in this book are over the age of 18

Sadly, I got mine in a batch from rightstuf along with a pre-order of Extract (free shipping), so I have to wait a whoooole more month to read a Wish of my Sister

Kyaa the Catlord
Kyaa the Catlord

Thanks for answering my question. :P

I loved the music again. Aqualung is like… yeah. :)

And you’re right, even if they hate it, they should get A Wish for My Sister. Its on my nightstand, and they’re wrong. Its amazing. :P

(I love the story where the girl starts kissing the other girl only to reveal she’s a boy… Mmmm, that hit my strike zone right down the middle!)

Kyaa the Catlord
Kyaa the Catlord

Delicious it is. :P

I’ll be submitting another question shortly. :P


Thanks for your answer to my question. Next time I’ll be more direct and to the point on my next one.

It did took an amount of time answering and I appreciate it. If censorship was better in moderation (if that can be possible) there wouldn’t be so many over exaggerated stories in the media.

I wouldn’t mind checking out A Wish for My Sister. I’ll see if I can buy it some where.


This was fun to listen to.
“When I rape women” Haha..


Yo, i’m new here and this site kicks ass. Keep up the great work. Like Hello said “when I rape women” had me dying of laughter. Fapable art, nice wording :O

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