Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo 15

Well, I finally caved to the homosexual overlords and did a podcast about the machinations of lolis. It wasn’t so bad, I think I made it through with relatively little scaring. The result is a somewhat norganized and somewhat dry podcast about why lolis get dicks hard in 48 states, and incest loli gets them hard in the other two. It’s ok that it’s a bit dry and disorganized though… why? Because I am about to post some delicious loli pictures and NO ONE CAN STOP ME! BWHAHAHAHA! But yes, please do try to enjoy the podcast. It’s hardly my best stuff, but I am tired and don’t give too much of a shit. I will do it better next time. Also, the thing encodes voice for shit… I need to mess with that.

Oh, and please contribute to Ask Onii-chan. It’s good fun and you will remain anonymous and so on. HERE’S SOME PICTURES! Be sure to start the podcast before scrolling down further. And no the images aren’t properly resized. I told you… I am feeling lazy. Right-click, view image and you see the wholllle thing.

Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo

Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo

15 thoughts on “Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo

  • tsurai

    Yay, Mindless Self Indulgence! :D Good choice.

    I’m not hugely into loli myself, but I still enjoy looking at it from time to time.. But still being a heterosexual girl. Who is crazy about bara-men. (Muscular anime-dudes. :|) Which is strange, meh. Almost anything goes except furry shit. Well, I guess I’m just perverted. Or something.

    But well.. Awesome post as always. ;) I always enjoy listening to your ramblings.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    You are perverted, my Finnish friend. BUT THAT IS OK! I mean, a large part of the problem with being perverse is the stigma attached to the word. Once you stop caring that people don’t like perversion, which in this case manifests as sexual interests, being a pervert hardly matters at all, and you get to enjoy your fap materials all the more. But that’s just a bunch of rhetoric from a guy who insists upon rationalizing sexual habits.

    And yes, MSI is quite the awesome! I will be forcing much more of my CRAZZZZYYY musics on people as I make more podcasts. I intend to do one on censorship and a few others. You know, as I think shit up.

    THE END SONG IS WIN ALSO! It’s by a band called That Handsome Devil. Song is called Miss America. Definitely worth supporting that band. Good people.

  • Kyaa the Catlord

    I was reading an article about how Maxim declared Sarah Jessica Parker as the ugliest, most unsexy woman and your statements about desire came to mind. I find her amazingly sexy (especially back in the 80s when she wore a leotard and danced in Girls wanna have fun). Tastes differ, who can say what is sexy to one person against another? Hell, Barbara Eden (Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie) is like 90 and bloody hot still. Plastic, but hot. :P (I’m weird, eh?)

  • Anonymous

    I love loli’s because they’re so cute and innocent. My special fetish is sheltered ojou-sama types, which allows me to get off on my repressed Freudian middle-class guilt.

  • Coeurl


    Interesting podcast! You have a good sense of humor, too… I look forward to more podcasts.

    I’m a into lolicon myself… Started when I was only 12 or so though, so it didn’t seem weird at all at the time. But then, now I’m attracted to real life little girls (I’m not a rapist though! I may be attracted to them but I still have morals!). I’m against CP, but lolicon is fine, since no-one gets hurt.

    Not entirely sure where I was going with this… Anyway, yeah. Keep up the good work!

  • Rkun

    This is the greatest podcast have ever(well cause its the ONLY) heard on the subject. I wish more people thought like you. No Joke. I like loli for the same reasons. Small body, but acts mature. Hilarious too. Great end song. THD are great. Also, what was the opening song? And please make more podcasts. =D

  • Rkun

    Look at that… i totally missed the main page… Disregard that last bit and my ignorance… >_>

    Also, i cant seem to see the capcha images… Hoping this one goes through.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Haha, yeah, that happens. Google likes linking to my categories for some reason. And sorry about the spam business. I’ve whitelisted you so it shouldn’t happen anymore.

    And glad you like the podcast.

  • VZ

    Your podcast is awesome. I’m SO sick of the anti loli/moe thing in the U.S. too. Oddly I small cute characters and the big breasted older ones as well.

    And yes, real CP or pretty much any porn where the person is in pain unwillingly is quite gross.

  • X3neres

    omg… this is all so true, this is the kind of conversation subjects i have wit my friends.The world needs more people like you and i,people who dont juge others about things like these.people who can watch porn and think further than ZOMG B00BZ! MU$T [email protected]! porn is actually pretty deep when u think about it. I myself aprove of (heck! apreciate!) most kind of porn.I would NEVER look at porn and say OMG HOW THE FUCK COULD I LIKE THIS.people with that kind of mentality should seriously open up.

  • VZ

    I wonder if you plan to do a machinations about large breasts in anime & manga? I hope you continue doing this podcast.

    A toy based forum I go to hates it when I talk about moe figurines and think I’m a creepy perv. Jackass alarmists.

    Don’t forget to checkout my blog and comment on my art and stuff.

  • Allen

    Much to the outrage of the otaku community and civil rights advocates, loli hentai and its possession can be considered illegal in Australia after today’s landmark ruling by the New South Wales State Supreme Court that a man is guilty of possession of child pornography for having hentai of Simpsons on his computer. Please see the discussion of it in Australia’s Manifest forum:

    And detail of the ruling:

    As we as we disagree, the stigma exists in our judiciary system.

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