Onii-chan Radio #2: Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo

Well, I finally caved to the homosexual overlords and did a podcast about the machinations of lolis. It wasn’t so bad, I think I made it through with relatively little scaring. The result is a somewhat norganized and somewhat dry podcast about why lolis get dicks hard in 48 states, and incest loli gets them hard in the other two. It’s ok that it’s a bit dry and disorganized though… why? Because I am about to post some delicious loli pictures and NO ONE CAN STOP ME! BWHAHAHAHA! But yes, please do try to enjoy the podcast. It’s hardly my best stuff, but I am tired and don’t give too much of a shit. I will do it better next time. Also, the thing encodes voice for shit… I need to mess with that.

Oh, and please contribute to Ask Onii-chan. It’s good fun and you will remain anonymous and so on. HERE’S SOME PICTURES! Be sure to start the podcast before scrolling down further. And no the images aren’t properly resized. I told you… I am feeling lazy. Right-click, view image and you see the wholllle thing.

Machinations 2: Lolilectric Boogaloo