Onii-chan Radio: Please Miss Yuri Review 11

Howdy doo kids. Onii-chan is back. And this time he’s talking. OMGOMGOMG, I know. I’ll be reviewing Please Miss Yuri, the new release from Icarus Publishing. It was good times and I am figuring out the best way to go about the podcasting thing. Soooo, that’s really all I got for now. If you want to check out Icarus or Please Miss Yuri or Digital Comic AG 00 (has Please Miss Yuri chapter 1), the links are down below. Please give some feedback and so on. And tell all your friends and family. I know you will. Haha. Sorry for sniffling, etc, etc. I’ll see about fixing it up.

Please Miss Yuri: None Currently
Digital Comic AG 00: http://www.icaruscomics.com/wp_web/?p=1032
Icarus Comics: http://www.icaruscomics.com/

11 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Please Miss Yuri Review

  • tsurai

    Oh god, you got some honey voice there. This podcasting thing was a good idea, I listened the whole thing and really enjoyed it. Really thorough review, a bit of everything so to say. :D I approve!

  • Kyaa the Catlord

    Excellent choice of intro tune. :P

    I enjoyed. I also don’t like guys in my pr0n.

    Nice review. :) I just lost my custody battle. Hahahah. (Kodomo no Jikan soooo ruled.)

  • Gekko87

    Hate to be off topic and all but I have to know. Who is that picture you have on the site from?

  • Dale North

    Best…best intro song ever. Also, best ero manga review ever.
    And don’t feel bad about getting press copies and not reviewing them in a timely manner.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    WELL! It should be even better next time when I get the volume levels set up better and better mic position and so on.

    Did you really lose a custody battle? Because that’s hilarious, and a testament to the power of sexy drawings.

    Taka Tony. http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/i/taka_tony/

    Ain’t it though! That song is awesome. I am always blasting it full volume in my car. FUCK THE WEIRD LOOKS! I DON’T CARE HOW WE LOOK WALKIN’ DOWN THE STREET!

    And I don’t feel too bad about it, but it’s so hard getting amped to do a written review. So time consuming.

  • Anonymous

    It’s novel to hear a audio review of eromanga, I liked it, and the humor.

    If you reviewed something lolicon, it would be awesome.

    And I DID listen to the whole thing.

  • Simon Jones

    Hello Randall,

    Just a quick note on why “senpai” is spelled “sempai.” We use the traditional Hepburn romaji system, which is based on English phonetics. Thus, for non-Japanese speakers, Hepburn romaji usually produces more accurate pronunciations. We only stray from traditional Hepburn in case of names, artist preference, or words already used commonly in English that does not use traditional Hepburn spelling, i.e. Tokyo instead of Toukyou.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Yeah, I’m familiar with Hepburn, but I just don’t like the way it puts English pronunciation over other things. I don’t begrudge you using it, lots of places do, but I just sort of feel like we don’t pay proper respect to the language.

    I don’t mean to start a debate or anything, but we don’t change French or German or Italian spellings of things (in general) to fit the English pronunciation, so it just seems a bit weird to me that we do it for Japanese. Again, it’s not a criticism of you guys so much as it is of a largely existent willingness to compromise in places we wouldn’t with other languages. I do make exceptions for things like Tokyo, but feel that it wouldn’t hurt to really understand the proper way, and use it instead. Likewise, the use of Oh in the place of Oo and Ou leads to really confusing things for people who care a bit more about things like that. It’s expecially confusing if you don’t know the kanji for a given name, but perhaps the name itself is some sort of pun. These jokes or bits of foresight, that creators thought out enough to include, are just lost to the ages.

    NO ONE ELSE EVER AGREES WITH ME! And that’s fine. I guess it’s a bit of a habit since when I am reading Japanese stuff, my brain goes into Japanese pronunciation mode and senpai sounds like it ought to, whereas my brain hits sempai and just sort of has to twinge around it.

  • Kyaa the Catlord

    Onii-chan: Naw, I haven’t lost my custody battle. No kids. :P Maybe someday though, but she reads this too. Hahahah. I guess that makes us even? :P

  • TDC

    “You’re a shithead – It’s awesome.” :D

    I really like the podcast. I know you said you don’t do a script and edit it cuz your lazy, but I think it would be 10x better if you did have a script and edited it. That’s my two cents. :P

    Great to see you updating!

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