Onii-chan… We’ve Missed You

That is what I imagine all of you are thinking right now. Yes, Onii-chan is back. And this time, things are going to work a little differently. Instead of just talking about sociological and psychological issues and meanings in erotic Japanese media and the people who like them, you know, the shit that I built this site for originally, we’ll be cutting down on the hyper porn and try to keep things classy. In fact, we’ll be talking about feminism in erotic anime and stuff. We’ll also be jumping into homosexual themes and talking about the stereotypes and culture of objectification created by the complacency bred of commonly seeing groups demeaned in these erotic artforms.

For a more in depth sample of things, hit the jump and we’ll go over some stuff.

Ahhhh, I’m just fucking with you guys. Sure, maybe that shit will come up, but probably not from me. The fabulous Gia will be working for the site, and we’ll get a proper theme up soon. I’ll mostly be sticking to reviews of stuff and my usual philosophical discussions. If you’re new around here, I like to delve into discussions of why we like the things we like, what it means, and things like that. I’ll also be restarting my Ask Onii-chan feature to answer questions for all those troubled perverts out there. And true to form, here’s a quick porn picture to satiate you doubters.

Onii-chan... We've Missed You