Onii-chan… We’ve Missed You 19

That is what I imagine all of you are thinking right now. Yes, Onii-chan is back. And this time, things are going to work a little differently. Instead of just talking about sociological and psychological issues and meanings in erotic Japanese media and the people who like them, you know, the shit that I built this site for originally, we’ll be cutting down on the hyper porn and try to keep things classy. In fact, we’ll be talking about feminism in erotic anime and stuff. We’ll also be jumping into homosexual themes and talking about the stereotypes and culture of objectification created by the complacency bred of commonly seeing groups demeaned in these erotic artforms.

For a more in depth sample of things, hit the jump and we’ll go over some stuff.

Ahhhh, I’m just fucking with you guys. Sure, maybe that shit will come up, but probably not from me. The fabulous Gia will be working for the site, and we’ll get a proper theme up soon. I’ll mostly be sticking to reviews of stuff and my usual philosophical discussions. If you’re new around here, I like to delve into discussions of why we like the things we like, what it means, and things like that. I’ll also be restarting my Ask Onii-chan feature to answer questions for all those troubled perverts out there. And true to form, here’s a quick porn picture to satiate you doubters.

Onii-chan… We’ve Missed You

19 thoughts on “Onii-chan… We’ve Missed You

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Thanks guys! Good to be back. Now, as soon as I stop being lazy, I will get working on posting some shit…

    Which will probably be next week.

  • n/t

    Finally! Now we just need Six (that was his name right? or was it ShadowSix? no wait, it was Seven wasn’t it?) to start posting his uber reviews again! (no offense to Onii-chan you make great posts too)

  • n/t

    ^^^ great.. ^^^

    To mods: Why do you have moderation enabled in here? You should just add a captcha of some sort here if you’re afraid of spam.

    Feel free to reject this comment.

  • Fat Nakago

    Welcome back!!

    Here’s to hoping you’ll tackle the tough topics like PORNOGRAPHY IS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, and that perennial favourite, NON-PENETRATION INTERCOURSE. And remember, when you tackle, to keep your head up (pun not intended) and drive the ball (pun not intended) into the ground.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Not Anon:
    The archives are lost, sorry to say. So they won’t be back around. But, hey, that’s fine. We’ll have a bunch of shit going forward. Blah, blah. IT’LL BE FINE! Though, admittedly, I’d like to have the archives up. Ah well. I’ll make a nicer theme to make up for it.

    Haha, I’ll asked Six (SilverSix? Haha) if he feels like writing shit for the site again. And I’ll try to find some other people to help out with things besides he and Gia to keep the content coming. And sorry about the moderation. I forgot to fix it up. Haha. I have SpamKarma running now, so I will keep an eye on that and tweak it as I need to. Since our eroero discussions might kick some things to the spam engine.

    Fat Nakago:
    Hey, I’d be glad to tackle that stuff and anything else you can think of. Feel free to drop off ideas for articles you’d like to see. It’ll give me and the others some shit to write about without having to come up with it ourselves. WOO! Lazy.

  • SilverSix

    SilverSix is indeed still alive. And now that Onii-chan is back to being a ero-ero-jiji, I’ll be helping to spread his particular brand of perversity. Game on folks!

  • IvanHoeHo

    Is this the place where I call you a liar and hypocrite?

    doesn’t mean i’m not glad this is back, though

  • domokun

    lol ohh yea Ivan lets call out the editor and then cmpliment the site how do we know you’re not the hypocrit?! hmm hmm!!?!?! lol great to have you back onii

  • Black Fox

    hmm this is new, but very interestin ? I came across your site before, Onichan?. Then unexpectingly what happened was the very next week , I came to find your site down and out. Now seeing it back online and up adn running, what exactly is this?

    I mean take no offense but like I’ve read from your previous review, are you perchanced sponserd by this companies to make notes on their products or are you just an avid fan of the so erotica-anime ,and find time to dicuss evrything?

    Long story short, I would be glad helping in adding a new opinion to the forums. While seeing (name :required) …it seems , how can say , well… I guess its good to know that people will act accordingly to their presence on the forums, representing themsevles and no one else, well its good to know ,or waht I seem to be getting act ???, And I hope you understnad what I mean by that , as too not confuse anyone.

    Well cant wait for more of …???…whatever that is that you do, keep on doing that,? that is ..hmm… it sounds good :)

  • the other anonymous

    Now I know why I never deleted that link to here, usually one of the first things I do but somehow… oh and there is no such thing as a quick porn pic when yo are on dial-up and a flaky one at best of times. glad to see you are back at it though never had a doubt that the other sites weren’t an interesting read especially where we don’t agree. You have altered some of my opinions.

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