Chikan Monogatari Censored

Not sure how closely you folks follow the ero scene in the US. It’s a pretty depressing thing. John Sirabella, the CEO of Media Blasters has posting on Anime on DVD admitting that their Kitty branded release of Chikan Monogatari has had ten minutes of footage removed because characters in the scene were “obviously under-age and it was too much for us.” Despite this, they marked their boxes as Uncut and Uncensored. Nice. At least don’t lie, man. Come on. But, hey, let me say it’s nice of you to leave the fight against blatantly unconstitutional laws up to the people who can’t afford legal representation. Then, you look at the full post for this issue and see the people pointing out the obviously ridiculous nature of the cut, since they’ve previously shows with “underage” characters. Sorry to politicize here, but welcome to the American police state. Thanks a ton, puritanical government! Thanks for saving those totally real animated girls from harm. Jack asses.

Please express your feelings in the comments and by sending along a complaint to [email protected]. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your concern.

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