Yubisaki Milk Tea

Now, I’m not in the habit of doing this, but I’ve been considering it for a while, and a record number of WHINERS have been WHINING at me to post something up. So here we are. I’d just like to point fans of good stories and a more mature (read: not typical teenage crap) manga in the direction of TOKYOPOP’s US release of Yubisaki Milk Tea. It’s put forward in all of it’s lewd and twisted goodness.

The art is wonderful. It’s a sort of sketchy and yet beautiful and fitting style. I would classify it as smooth and subdued. It really fits the tone of the manga properly. So, what’s the tone of the manga? Well, conflict. The story follows the clearly disturbed Yoshinori in his life which revolves mainly about the complications of continuing to cross-dress after puberty and the awkward emotional issues that come along with having a younger girl be in love with you. Well, there’s that, and then there’s the classmate who only loves Yoshinori as his cross-dressing alter ego, Yuki. Oh, and it only gets worse and more complicated from there.

At any rate, whenever I’m reading the manga, I feel quite nice about it. It’s hard to describe, you know? It’s that sort of feeling you get when you’re just reading something that’s done properly. When you pick up a book that really clicks with you and is effortless to move through. That’s this sort of book to me. And, well, I’m sick of writing about it. So head out and pick up a copy, or head over this way to get a sample of the style and some blotted story bits. I am going to go to sleep or something. Au revoir. Whiners. I will do another Ask Onii-chan later.

Oh, and if anyone knows a GOOD artist who is willing to talk to me about some commissioned work, I would be much obliged. I don’t have a fuck ton of money, but I have lots of readers! And some money! Etc, etc. Yeah, so let me know. And I mean REALLY good people. High quality stuff like the sort of things in the banner and such. Shoot me a line on the contact page.

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