Ask Onii-chan Paying Penance

What would Onii-chan do? Well, he would call Six a lazy bastard to start with. Lazy bastard. Let me also say that I am glad to all of you for the good questions. And sorry about the font. I forgot to reinstall it on the new laptop. I have a log of about six that I will be getting through over the next little while. And if you just like anime in general, check out the new feature at my other site called ikiKOYOMI. It’s a release tracker for non-ero stuff. Anyway, let’s move on to the touchy subject of jerking and Jesus.

I started getting into hentai, and I like it, but my family is very religious so anytime I watch hentai, I feel guilty. I’m not doing anything wrong, am I?

P.S. I mention religion because I was caught once and got a talking of being condemned to HELL! Yeah, they’re pretty strict.

Well, let me just be forward about things and offer up that I don’t buy into the whole religion thing. I see it as a crude social control mechanism and suggest anyone with questions visit any of the useful and informative links about the subject. Not to criticize. Moving along.

This question is a little dicey. While, in short, no, you aren’t doing anything wrong, there are fairly clear rules against such things in your religion. So let’s expand upon this idea. The first one. Firstly, sexual curiosity is perfectly normal and masturbation is not only fun and safe, it’s good for you. Orgasms do all sorts of wonderful things to the body, which is why your body wants them to feel so good. I suppose there is the moral argument, but most moral qualms come from the heavy Christian influence in the world, which isn’t based on any logic, but rather based on the need to control the thoughts of people thousands of years ago, moreso in a protestant country like America. Sex and masturbation have been vilified, but there is no real reason to think of them this way.

So, I suppose it is more of a question that you need to ask for yourself. What makes you happy? I think, personally and without regard for religion, that being happy with yourself is paramount. If you are happy looking at hentai, then there is no good reason to feel guilty. The same applies for anything so long as it isn’t affecting other people. I mean, you’re here for 80 years or so, give or take, and then who knows? So I think any god that may exist should at least be ok with you making yourself happy without hurting other people. If it isn’t, then you’re better off in whatever hell they have prepared anyway, because most “devout” people do shit that is openly abhorred by their own religion. I say don’t worry, be happy. And download that song. Because it’s awesome.

As always, I hope this was helpful, and if anyone more religion than me has some good advice, please post it in the comments to help out. Thanks, guys.

Hey, here I am again. Send me a mail if you have any questions about anything.