Ask Onii-chan: Orientation Impossible

I hope you will all forgive me the horrible post title. I couldn’t help myself. Also, I hope you folks like the new layout. Be sure to let me know. And today, I will play the gender bending Onii-chan and answer a question from a girl. Now, before you guys get too excited, she might be gay. But that’s what I’m here for. Onii-chan makes it all better.

Hi Onii-Chan,

Im a girl and I like hentai especially futanari (the ones with both). I am beginning to think that 1. I am a lesbian and 2. I am a pervert. I am ashamed to talk to even my liberal friends about it. Is it okay for a girl to like hentai for the girls and not necessarily a lesbian?

A fair question! Let’s start with the first bit, as it is a fairly short answer, and work forward from there. So, firstly, no you are not a lesbian. As I have said before, in most cases I have seen, 2D fetishes come from a far different place than 3D interests, and I’ve seen a good number of cases (friends, mind you) in which there are girls that even prefer yuri hentai to other forms. It’s not uncommon for an open minded girl, by any stretch. Especially when you add the masculine aspects into the equation. So, I mean, that’s that. I don’t think you’re gay, especially if you still like dudes. Of course, if you are, that’s something you need find out for yourself anyway. Of course, there’s also being bi. Also, grabbing the last question, it’s absolutely ok for girls to like futanari and yuri and all that sort of female-centric ero and not be a lesbian.

Moving on. Are you a pervert? Well, this question… a-ha… I’d say it has two real answers depending on how you’d like to look at what a pervert is. On the outside, a lot of perverts are the sort of people who make other people uncomfortable with their own comments and actions, such as talking about sexual stuff in detail around people who clearly don’t want to know what you’re… you know… girl-jerking it to. On the other side of the coin, the things you are looking at are indeed perverse and the people you tell about them will likely consider that to be perverted. But everyone gets off to their own stuff, so it’s just a sort of innate bias that we apply to people because we want to pretend to we are above them morally or that we just don’t want to try to identify with the things they like. So that’s how that is. To me? No, you’re not a pervert. To lots of other people? Maybe so. But again, it’s no one’s business what you are in to. Sexual things are private, after all.

Let me use that to segue into the last bit I am going to discuss here. Being ashamed to talk to anyone about hentai is pretty normal. We’re part of a pretty niche group, especially when you consider futanari. I’ve personally found VERY few people who “get” futanari, so talking to friends about it is something that the more reactionary friends may take rather drastically. I could see friends thinking it’s weird and maybe not being able to get over it. But then they weren’t your friends to begin with… or whatever. Anyway, you can’t always expect people to share your fetishes (especially as diverse as the subgenres are in hentai), but if you really want to have someone to talk to about it, Six and I are around. Haha. And barring that you can always “happen” to browse to some futanari and judge their reaction. Although, some futa fans get into a habit of pretending not to like it to people so maybe test the waters subtly. If you can’t be subtle then just bring it up and say “Well, I like it.” and just stick to your guns and explain what you like about it. It’s good to try to think of specifics, as always. Things about how it’s the best of both worlds. The softness of a woman and the masculinity of a man. There’s a lot of attitude presented in lots of futa pictures, so be sure to pay attention to shots you like and thing of specifics. Confidence tends to help people swallow things they might find weird. Keep in mind, though, that this stuff is a private thing and you can always just not tell “real” friends and keep it to people online that you already know share somewhat similar interests.

As I always say, I hope this was helpful. And again, anyone who has similar stories and advice, please share it with us BECAUSE IT’S HELPFUL.

Onii-chan is getting sick of writing these damn things for himself… it would make a lot of sense for him to just make a single one to copy over and over. Well, either way, be sure to shoot him an e-mail if you have ANY questions about anything. He loves you all.

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