Hump Day Doujin: Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi!!

Hey, well, I’ve been busy. What can I say. So to make up for it, I will be adding up a download with this weeks Hump Day Doujin. Kimigabuchi has been the object of one of our previous Hump Day Doujins, and I saw a comment on a previous HDD that someone couldn’t find the Hale nochi Guu doujin that Kimigabuchi did a while back. Well, I didn’t feel like digging around Mandarake to find it, so I just dug through my personal collection and BAM!

BAM! as I previously said. What would you like to see when you think about a Hale nochi Guu erodoujin? Well, maybe not the first thing, but certainly one of the things you think… or maybe this is just me, is for Hale to get turned into a teenager and bone his mom. Ok, maybe that’s way down the list. But that’s what Kimigabuchi drew for this particular doujin. If you’re a MILF lover, which I know some of you are, then you will certainly go for this. Guu turns Hale into an older version of himself and he goes home and plugs his mom. I mean, that’s about the jist of it, but you’re looking at some awesome art by the Kimigabuchi crew. But, hey, just because I’m writing this doesn’t mean I’m not still busy. I will skip theo ther crap and let you see the consistency of quality in Kimigabuchi’s works. Please be kind and leave your thoughts on the doujin. I’ll just say, I’m not sure which book this came out of, but if you want to find some other Guu works by Kimi you can grab Supesharu Kimigabuchi 2001 Natsu. Two previews and the download.

Also, we will be back to purchase links next week, I believe. I might do downloads occasionally when I can’t find something I really want to feature. I mean, why should you guys suffer because a certain fan made comic from a different country isn’t readily available anymore. Also, has anyone purchased a doujin from a link I posted? I’m trying to get an idea for how useful it is. I mean, I’m posting old doujin as it is (nothing newer than 2004) so it’s not really hurting anyone. Just want to know where things stand on the reader end.

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12 years ago

And now I wish I could view this. Since it’s Kimigabuchi.

Any chance you could re-upload?

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