Hump Day Doujin: Handmade

Wow, that long weekend fucked me up, so I forgot to do the HDD on time. Haha. Hope you can forgive me. So this week, we’re doing some hot, sexy, hot and sexy, also sexy, and last but not least hot Hand Made May doujin.

The manga, called HANDMADE by JUMBO MAX is one that I’ve liked for a good while because it doesn’t fuck around with this namby pamby talking and not-being-naked business. It’s one of those manga that I don’t think we’ve featured yet, but are certainly popular. In fact, sitting here, I’m wondering how we missed the disembodied penis doujin up to this point. This whole book is extremely well drawn, as is the standard for JUMBO MAX and most of Hump Day Doujin’s books. What this book is being featured for is the put hot, sex-filled joy. You might catch a hip occasionally, but doujin like this are extremely satisfying for fans of the characters. Especially this one. You run the entire Hand Made May harem and there’s no need for lead up or discussion, it’s pure spank-bait. Is it wrong that I find these to be among the best doujin around? Maybe I’m just a lazy pervert sometimes. Anyway, the book is well worth the 3000 yen asking price. I mean, 42 pages of pure sexy sexing. Yessir. Here are some preview shots. The book is more of the same, which is a good thing.

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