Hump Day Doujin: Forte-san de Pai

Well, let me be honest. I’m a huge Forte fan. She’s the hot sex, and they need to make a good PVC of her so I can add it to the shelf. But enough of that! bolze. is the circle behind this week’s Hump Day Doujin. The doujin goes by the title Forte-san de Pai. Boy howdy! Anyway, bolze., as is often the case with the things I feature, is a very prolific group. I personally have 57 issues from them, there might be some duplicates in there. Not sure. But that gives you an idea of the sort of ground they’ve covered artistically speaking. One of the things that I like about bolze. is that they tend to have a high amount of screen accuracy in their drawings, and the ability to break with convention in interesting ways. For example, several panels in this book require you… well they don’t require, but would require you to turn the book to see them with the proper orientation. I’m not sure if all copies are this way, but my copy is on a brown-ish stock. It might be because it wasn’t well kept. I’m not sure. Anyway, this is a pretty tame doujin, and it has some mild shota, and most of the attention is paid to Forte, from a sexual stand-point. It’s certainly a good quality piece, and an absolute must have for Forte fans like me. And I mean fans. You know? RAWR! I guess the bottom line, really, is that this is just a sexy, non-hard, and well-paced doujin. It’s great for it’s simple erotism, and I give it two thumbs up.

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