Hump Day Doujin: Ryuko Gekitotsu

Ok, this week we’re treading back into bakunyuu territory, but this time it’s a bit deeper than we’ve been so far. You’ll start to see some of the characteristics that occur in some of the more hardcore bakunyuu works. This week’s pick is FULLMETAL MADNESS’s Ryuko Gekitotsu. I’ve also seen it translated as Ryuu Tora Gekitotsu. Not sure which is right, since I don’t know the kanji.

Moving along to a critique of the book, I’d say that this is a high quality work that has some problems. I mean, they’re aesthetic problems, so they vary from person to person, but, although FULLMETAL MADNESS does a lot of good bakunyuu work, I tend to take issue with the extremely baggy clothes that appear throughout this and other works of theirs. It’s a small problem, I think, but when combined with the large, shapely breasts… it can be a distraction. Being as they tend towards the bakunyuu side of things, at least in the issues I’ve seen, the scenes are often paizuri heavy. Paizuri, for the uninitiated, is titfucking. This is definitely a strong point for FULLMETAL and it works especially well considering the ability to draw emotive, expressive faces, even when covered in various fluids. The book pulls its characters from Super Robot Taisen, which might not host the sort of characters that jump to mind when pulling candidates for large breasts, but they work well in this particular book. I think the one thing that comes across better than a lot of other bakunyuu works is the softness of the breasts. It’s well captured and makes them seem extremely inviting. You really want to… you know… do stuff to them. I guess this is a bit of a problem, though, since you can’t. Just the same, it’s an extremely good book with some good comedic bits, and MANDARAKE has it now for an extremely good price, so grab a copy. You won’t be disappointed.