Ero Artist Spotlight: smile

Ok, will enough with all this heavy shit and yeah. Let’s move forward and get on with ero artist spotlighting. Today’s has a bit of an ulterior motive. As most of you likely know, Comiket 70 is going on right now, and with Comiket comes eroge, doujin, and general happiness for otaku the world over. So, in honor of Comiket, I’ve decided to feature an artist who will be putting out some eroge at Comiket. More specifically, worked on the CG for the game.

The artist in question is Smile, or Shiragi… I’ll go with Smile. Smile has been doing his thing for a good while, and he’s quite good at it. While Smile tends to trend more towards bakunyuu (sorry, it happens a lot) he exhibits a wide range of character archetypes with wonderful quality. Beyond just the archetypes, however, we see Smile show off a interesting number of different coloring styles. I bring this up because it’s something that I personally haven’t seen very often. Smile’s colorings range from the more angular, hard shadows that conjure images of hentai of the middle 90s to thick outlined lolis with a more Korean flavor to them. One of the styles that I really feel Smile has perfected, however, is the eroge girl style. Now, you might say “What the hell is that?” but if you sit down with any number of hentai games, you will know what I’m talking about when you compare the characters present to the meido on the first page of his gallery section. His ability to capture the aesthetic inhereit in the styles he chooses to depict borders on uncanny and really stands to exemplify the talent that Smile has. Sadly, his gallery will likely leave you wanting more, but there’s hope. Well, hope if you can get in contact with someone going to Comiket on Day 3, or on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. He is the leading credit in Dopamine Software’s Comiket offering Acmeholic. The game is a futanari adventure… like lots of futanari works tend to be. The site advertises as being primarily for people with weird tastes, and I’d say that’s likely true. If you’re a futanari fan, then you need to check it out for sure. For more information, check out’s post about it. They’re mirroring the full sized trailer, which is also on the Dopamine site. Try not to rape the bandwidth too much so 3pyon doesn’t come sodomize me. If it causes him too many problems, I will host it up over here, but I wanted to give a link anyway since that’s a great futa resource. Anyway, Smile’s CG work for Acmeholic is compelling for sure, and the site boasts some excellent works with a wide range. Please visit and enjoy. Sorry if this reads a bit poorly. I’m a bit sick right now. Sonic diarrhea.