Hump Day Doujin: Akarihaus

Well, we just recently covered Mogudan in out Ero Artist Spotlight, and it got me to thinking. Well, there was a particular complain about how a lot of Mogudan’s stuff wasn’t bakunyuu. Well, being as I have a good amount of Mogudan doujin, I figured I’d highlight that very point by posting up some of Mogudan’s non-bakunyuu, non-Rei doujin. So let’s move on to critique the actual doujin since we’ve done the artist already.

Akarihous is one of Mogudan’s works based off of Battle Athletes. Battle Athletes, if you don’t know, is one of those sports comedy type shows that you see from time to time with the strong ladies that also happen to look good. Akarihous does doujinshi’s job by bringing your fantasies of said strong ladies into the light. The doujin itself moves through some rival rape and on to rival yuri double-ended dildo humping. From there it moves on to some straight sex that still doesn’t disappoint, and I’ll explain why. The first reason is the absolutely professional level of Mogudan’s work. This piece of doujin could easily be published and sitting in the erohentai section of any store. That might not have a lot of impact on you, but you should know that it’s saying a hell of al ot about the man’s work. The second thing, and I think it’s important so I keep beating the horse here, is the pacing. The scenes don’t rush themselves and don’t try too hard to fit in multiple characters. This, while it might not seem obvious, is another huge example of Mogudan’s professional quality work. Good pacing is something that takes a lot of practice, or at the very least, a lot of luck. This book covers an impressive and carefully crafted 56 pages, several of which are colored. Colored pages are always a nice bonus. I guess that decides next weeks HDD. On with the pictures!