Ero Artist Spotlight: Taka Tony

Wow, sorry, was busy with some forum drama with uhhhh… Little Angels Hentai or whatever. Guy deleted my post for propogating my blog. Sat, I’m sorry for stole your 3 hits. I give them back. You can have a love. KBAI. Enough of that shit though, who cares, I have a post to do! One that I know a lot of people have been wanting to see.

Chances are, if I ever feature anyone and a decent number of you have heard of him, it’s going to be this guy. The man they call: Tony Taka. Or Taka Tony depending on if you go buy his URL for name order or whatever. Enough about that. Tony Taka is one of the most talented artists in the community right now. He consistantly turns out very high quality work and a style that is very pleasing to the eye. Even when he’s not purposely going for softer tones, as with his fairly recent Rangiku Matsumoto work, he still manages to pull together subtle colors with appropriate contrasts that make viewing easy on the eyes. Even pieces with a wide variety of color have a certain ease to take in that make his overall style really mesh and puts him forward as an artist by far. He easily stands out from the crowd, and definitely leaves a mark on any person who sees his art. Or at least he should. Now, before you bitch at me too much about his page not having enough of his stuff posted on it, I will just bother to point you to the danbooru page listing his art. Maybe a kind user will expand this collection after my posting this. I will have to root through my doujin and see what I can find for sake of posting it. And before you bitch TOO entirely much, look carefully at his spartan updates. There are gems to be had. Oh yes, gems indeed. Even sample pages from a few of his doujinshi. At any rate, check out these pictures, and check out the danbooru page, and enjoy it. I’m going to bed. Haha. Yes, I did just shrink one picture down, but I felt it would have lost something otherwise. Not sure what…

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11 years ago

Did I really delete an advertisement for your blog? Some mods tend to do that :)
Nice site, btw. Just wanted to stop by.


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