Ero Artist Spotlight: Nekomataya

Well, this artist comes with a funny story… nekomataya’s site says to ask for permission before reusing anything, so I figured I’d do the decent thing and use my broken Japanese to ask her (assuming that with the name Naomi it’s a girl. This will be the assumption of the article. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.) if I could use her porno on my porno site to do a feature. So, I got about as far as linking the site and was in the process of trying to remember the word for feature when neko disappeared into the Blocked-the-perverted-American abyss. Ah well, she can suck it. Be nicer to strange, ero-site running Americans, jerk! Jeez! Not that you can understand this. I won’t be doing that again, anyway.

At any rate, you’ve probably seen a lot of nekomataya’s stuff around, especially with the popularity of Naruto in this country. And lucky for you, she just laid down a new layout on her site. It’s better than what was there before, believe me. And what? The latest post is some line work from Kujian. Not very good, so far as I prefer, but beggars can’t be choosers in these matters. Anyway, moving on to the good, or why I picked nekomataya in the first place, she is a very talented artist. That range here is a bit more typical and you’ll notice that there isn’t a whole lot of variation on character styles chosen. A lot of focus on the typical single girl, sometimes there is some loli. But one of the things you will see here, that contrasts mogudan from last week, is an obvious preference for the smaller chested ladies of anime. There is some occasional venturing into the larger breasted ladies, but they still clock in at a much more modest size than they are often portrayed as by other artsts. Neko has even gotten some work in the industry, doing animation work on Blood: The Last Vampire, Eureka 7, and Wolf’s Rain, among others. Definitely a professional, but I would more be likely to recommend neko to the Naruto fan, as that seems to be where her work really shines. There are some doujin samples in the “doujin” section, and all the adult business is in the “gallery” area. It’s pretty easy to navigate, so do please check it out. While the ero stuff is a bit lacking, you can always just look at the non-ero art, which tends to border on ecchi, and is usually at least suggestive, or you could buy some doujin if you live in Japan. There’s some DLSite goodness too, so Americans can likely get a hold of it. The main reason to bookmark nekomataya’s site? There is a daily picture update, which is often progress shots of a new piece of art from lines to finished color art. It’s very entertaining to watch the art evolved, especially if it’s ero. So give a look, and if you’re going to Comiket 70, stop by the booth she (or he if I am totally wrong) is in and say that blocking me was uncool. Then buy whatever doujin is on the table. Mail me a copy if it’s good. Oh, and I am proofreading Six’s new review tonight. Jealous?!