Hump Day Doujin: blow the night

Yeah, yeah. I’m late. If you guys follow my posts at ikimashou then you know what the score is. And as such, I do believe I promised you guys we would be going to Fetish town this week, and SO WE SHALL! Seriously, this post will have to be the highlight of my day, since it was otherwise pretty lame. Had a good lunch though. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?! POST THE DOUJIN ALREADY! FUCK! Oh, and Six is working on a new review, it’s coming soon. Promise.

Well, before we begin, you will notice the categories this is in. Yes, we’re popping your futanari cherry. Well, maybe not, but we’ll damn sure try! This week’s feature is Blow the Night by the wonderfully talented circle HarthNir. HarthNir is a circle with a wide range of talents. They’re doujin has covered the gaming scene from Final Fantasy 8 to Wild Arms 3; they’ve done anime based doujin; they’ve done short stories; and it’s all good stuff. Now, before you get worried that I’m going to post some Japanese-only erotic novel, don’t get too freaked out. It’s not that. But I feel it’s worth noting that they can bring the story line, and the fetish story line at that. Their art isn’t always so clean as the other doujinshi that have been featured thus far, but they tend to save the sketchy art for the back pages and generally put their best foot forward for the bulk of the any image heavy works. That being said, let’s move on to the meat of this particular offering.

Blow the Night is based on Guilty Gear X. It tells the absolutely non-canon tale of Millia Rage and Kuradoberi Jam’s futanari encounter. One thing that you already know if you know HarthNir, is that they love to draw lactation. Well, one assumes it’s lactation lacking the color and lack of other substances that eject from nipples, but for argument sake, it’s lactation. So this work features Jam sporting a modestly-sized penis (which is on purpose, so as to ease any new people into futanari) and Millia ending up on the receiving end of some extremely hot loving. It starts out with Jam giving Millia’s zealous breasts the what-for and, after a thorough working over of the breasts, Jam comes to realize that all this mipple play has gotten her all hot and bothered. This, of course, leads to her tit-fucking Millia, ending in a facial that leaves Millian wanting. Jam plays coy, Millia postures, and Jam gives her the hot anal pounding she’d been basically begging for, or so you’d imagine. I should mention that Millia makes use of her in-game abilities during this. If you’ve never played Guilty Gear then it could be a surprise for you. But, that being said, this is a hot, non-over-the-top piece of futanari that won’t be off putting for first-timers, though I have to admit that people who demand a bit more out of their futanari might find it a bit lacking. I’d disagree and say that good ero is good ero, but you can’t please everyone, I suppose. There’s always next week. IS THAT A HINT?! WHO KNOWS!! Oh, and for all you people who read Japanese, I left in the text heavy pages for your enjoyment.

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