Ero Artist Spotlight: Mogudan

Needs moar community interaction. Just so you guys know, Six is hard are work… yeah, work… on the next reviews. They will be a treat, and you guys better stick around for them or I will stab your faces. FACES! Moving on to this week’s ero artist spotlight…

Right, well, remember on Wednesday when I said I was going to be moving away from the more standard stuff and get a little heavier into the fetishes? Well, I’m going to go ahead and start that trend right now with bakunyuu master, mogudan. Now, when you think of fetish art, it becomes sort of hard to believe that people can do it well, but mogudan’s thick and — shall we say — filled out ladies will draw you in. You might be saying to yourself, “Maybe I’m not into nipples you could finger and…” stop right there! Because a.) it’s hot and b.) I promise if you stop and look at these things, really take them in, then you will see what I mean when I say that it’s sexy and hot. No it doesn’t work on a normal woman, that’s the wrong perspective. The reason we’re all into 2D in the first place is the lack of reality, so indulge in it, let your mind find the eroticism in the picture you see. It’s there for sure. Now, you’ll notice that most everything on mogudan’s site is of Rei, but that’s ok. I’m not especially featuring him for the diversity (although it is a place which he is quite capable) I am linking him because he is one of the foremost talents in drawing extremely attractive and erotic bakunyuu art, and it’s on the deeper end of the bakunyuu spectrum. The detail put into the works allow you to really savor the picture and enjoy the experience, for lack of wanting to say erotic again. But most importantly, when you look at mogudan’s art, don’t just look at the picture and think about what you like. Look at the lines that their bodies form, the curves and how right they feel, and notice every indention and the softness it conveys and the beauty inherit in it. I’m sorry for getting all artful on you guys, but I don’t want this fetish to be lost on you, because it’s something of which everyone should experience the more complex sexuality. I don’t want to hear “does liking this make me fat” because I won’t say “Nah, man. You don’t have to like fatties.” I will say “So what if you do? Does it really hurt you to do so?” Recognizing the erotic nature of things is inherent and, as such, shouldn’t be shunned or turned away, but embraced and understood on a personal level. Look at bakunyuu and enjoy it and don’t consider the thoughts of others. You don’t have to tell them, let alone explain it to them. It’s your desire, embrace it! And embrace it with these sample shots before checking out his site. Be sure to click on any linked pictures for more art.

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