Ero Artist Spotlight: suzuneko

There was a sharp decline in hits today… I guess my blessings on lolitron finally ran out. Oh well! I expect you perverts to browse more! DAMNIT! At least now I don’t feel so bad about the hit counts at ikimashou. But enough about me! What about porn?

Well, I feel so crass calling it porn because suzuneko is really an accomplished guy. If you’re a dabbler of fine Japanese magazines and websites, you’ll likely have seen his work around. He’s done a few wallpapers for Galge, two pinups for Core magazine, an S&M Sniper for Wairea and the cover for Enterbrain’s Ragnarok manga anthology. Now, I ended with the Ragnarok bit on purpose, because it’s more likely that you’ve seen his stuff being reposted on image boards whenever some get s in the mood to post some sexy Rangarok ladies, and let me tell you he does it well. I keep saying he, but I guess I’m assuming that. I mean, suzuneko could be anything… but those are details! Moving on, the art style really reminds me of the sort of work you see in eroge, at times, and then at other times you can see a bit of the Korean artwork influence come out in his works. He seems to stay pretty busy, in fact, just today he posted up a new piece of line art to drool over. Again, I always love seeing the absolute quality of the Japanese crowd, and suzuneko is a shining star among them, for sure, and his eye for color is something that feels so natural you have to think before you notice it. And PLEASE, PLEASE if you love me or the site at all, notice suzunekos amazing ability to capture a quality facial expression. I beg of you. suzuneko is someone that you should all check out, but especially people who like to see their spectacular art of anime characters that they’re fond of. At a glane you’ll see Rio from Super Black Jack, Suigintou, KunKun (mmmmm), Karen Ortensia, and I’d go on but that’s just the first page of his archive. Go and look, and as I tend to do, here are some shots from his site to let you know what you’ll be looking at. The areas he hits are loli, elf girls, priests, usamimi, the list goes on and on. Let me just say, if you ever thought you didn’t have the hots for chicks with grey skin and long ears, I implore you to take a look below. There’s a bit more of that goodness on his site.

P.S. I purposely crop these images to give you guys impetus to visit the artist. I want you to become fans, not sit around and look at this site waiting for me to start stealing galleries. These guys work hard and they deserve hits, damnit! GO!