Further further dis… I’m going to post some loli…

Update: New banner. Maybe it won’t get you busted outright at work. Haha. I’ve been doing a lot of researching here. A lot of reading if you will. This is because of the recent talk I’ve been hearing about the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act thing. Let me just start out by saying that we will be posting loli all day every day if I feel like it. All day. Anyway, the Adam Walsh child protection act is basically another one of those standard “we all agree that kids are good and shouldn’t be abused, but we somehow still don’t have proper laws in place to protect them” sort of acts. Article 5 of the bill has some people up in arms because of the section regarding child pornography. The bill, however, does nothing to change the previously accepted definition of child pornography(see US Code 18 Section 2256). If you don’t want to read that previous link, it basically says that child porn has to, wait for it, CONTAIN A CHILD, you know… a REAL ONE. Furthermore, as relates to the PROTECT Act, even with the need to prove that something is obscene (which is legally impossible) section 504 was […]


Further Discussion on Loli

UPDATE: Look, if you’re coming here from 4chan or ESPECIALLY Little Angels Hentai (who deleted my post to try to help spread the updated information) you need to read the latest post I’ve made on this issue. It sets some solid shit down and it’s important to be informed, I believe. Here is the post. And if you’re from LAH, please let Sat know that what he did is keeping YOU GUYS from knowing the whole story on this shit. I don’t need LAH’s meager hit increase, and the community doesn’t need people shitting on each other when it’s slim pickings as it is. Man, what a prick. I just got an e-mail from Shii (, wonderful work with gp32 on some eroge translations) regarding the issue pointing to Article 502 of the PROTECT Act. Before I start talking legal business, let’s have it be known that I do not support child pornography, child abuse, or most anything having to do with children. Why I do support, however, is free expression without limits and the idea that lolicon images are not related to child pornography any more than public playgrounds and toy sections are. There may be some overlap, […]

Ero Artist Spotlight: suzuneko

There was a sharp decline in hits today… I guess my blessings on lolitron finally ran out. Oh well! I expect you perverts to browse more! DAMNIT! At least now I don’t feel so bad about the hit counts at ikimashou. But enough about me! What about porn? Well, I feel so crass calling it porn because suzuneko is really an accomplished guy. If you’re a dabbler of fine Japanese magazines and websites, you’ll likely have seen his work around. He’s done a few wallpapers for Galge, two pinups for Core magazine, an S&M Sniper for Wairea and the cover for Enterbrain’s Ragnarok manga anthology. Now, I ended with the Ragnarok bit on purpose, because it’s more likely that you’ve seen his stuff being reposted on image boards whenever some get s in the mood to post some sexy Rangarok ladies, and let me tell you he does it well. I keep saying he, but I guess I’m assuming that. I mean, suzuneko could be anything… but those are details! Moving on, the art style really reminds me of the sort of work you see in eroge, at times, and then at other times you can see a bit of […]