Well, in a world which continues to degrade civil rights in the name of protecting people from things that have yet to happen, the United Kingdom is trying ban loli. That’s right. The same people who criticise American constantly for being grossly conservative an bull headed has continued to prove that they’re madly in love with the idea of governing the morality of the people that live in their country.

How could this have happened? Well, as I’ve mentioned before in the podcast, most people don’t really give a fuck about free speech or expression. In general, most modern country outright ban many more things than the United States. So… yeah. This is what happens. The UK’s government has seen a large shift towards the more conservative side in the past few years, even as they repeatedly shitcanned America for the whole Bush thing. Good times. I just love it. They’re considering lifting a ban on contacting militant Islamic groups but pictures of people who don’t exist… ohhhh man.

I Live In The UK, What Does This Mean For Me?

Having read through the whole thing, and having a pretty good idea of how the British law-making works, I think I’ve got a fair handle on the situation and what it really means.

The short answer is that, no, loli is not yet banned in the United Kingdom. By this particular law anyway. In the UK there have been some minor, unsuccessful arguements that the Obscene Publications Act could cover lolicon images, but the main bill that would stand to clearly make a victimless piece of art, lolicon, illegal is the upcoming Coroners and Justice Bill. A name that makes it sort of hard to argue with… like Patriot Act. Hmmm…

So, they haven’t banned it yet?

Despite some people’s posts about the issue, no. They haven’t passed the bill yet. In fact, not even the House of Commons has passed the bill. The problem is that the liberals who are standing against the law as a matter of free speech are in the vast minority. You will notice, via the link above, that they have very sound arguments, but basically since the British people are idiots, the logical people have all been voted out of office and the paltry complaining of children’s charities about perceived ills and threats, without credible evidence, is in a real position to become a real law.

So what’s the status of things?

Ok, well, long story short, the bill has just passed the House of Commons commitee review. Basically a time during which amendments are proposed and voted on in a line-by-line fashion. Basically, the opposition made some really bold moves in the committee review of the bill, but most of them were struck down outright. Considering the relative ease with which their valid complaints were dismissed by the supporters of the bill, it’s fairly easy to see how one could pretty much assume loli is going to be banned in the UK. Honestly, it’d take a lot of letter writing on behalf of concerned free expression and free speech groups to get anyone to turn sides.

Do you think that’ll happen?

Honestly? No. There’s a lot of campaign contributions and good will in children’s charities and very little money or good will in free speech, especially when the speech is a picture of what appears to be young people fucking.

So should I start deleting my loli stash?

Not just yet, no. It’s entirely possible that the bill, which has a lot of controversial points in it, could bouce nack and forth between the House of Commons and the House of Lords (the two branches of Parliament) for quite some time and at some point someone could make a fairly strong case for the free speech and free expression that all people deserve. Especially as calling all children victims of a completely fictional act is flimsy even for a sycophant like Maria Eagle. Anyway, your loli should be more or less safe for a while yet as it will probably take a few more months to get this thing through both houes even if it goes through without much more amendment. Hopefully some MPs from both houses will take the various remaining readings to stall the bill until more logical heads can prevail. Hell, if you just watch this link, you know you’re safe until that little “RA” box gets a date. After that date, assuming the bill passes as is, it will have attained Royal Assent and will become a valid and enforcable Act of Parliament.

Is there anything I can do to help?

If you live in the UK, write your local MP. Tell him that, regardless of your own interest in the bill, free speech is a right to which all peoples are entitled and that this is an affront to such liberties. Tell them that you are all for protecting children when they are actually IN DANGER and that without a victim, there really can be no crime. Especially in this case. Please do be eloquent and polite, and feel free to use anything on this site as a guide or e-mail me and I will help you out as much as I can.

If you live OUTSIDE the UK, call people you know IN the UK and get them to write their MP. Tell them the things I said above about what they should say. If you don’t know anyone in the UK, you can still help the cause at large by donating to the various groups who fight for free speech and free expression in various countries. Look up UK civil liberties groups, donate to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and generally try to keep yourself aware of violations of these rights in countries that are SUPPOSED to be forward thinking and progressive.

Why are you doing this? You must be a hugeeee  loli fan. Hardeehar.

I actually don’t really like loli all that much. I just believe whole heartedly that art, ALL ART, should be free. Thought should be free. And people should be free to do as they like so long as they aren’t infringing on the rights of others or causing harm to anyone. BDSM notwithstanding.

I know this post hasn’t been that funny, but government censorship isn’t really all that fucking funny. Not when it’s real, anyway. I’ll do something funny here in a few days when I make a new podcast.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really did just want to clear up a few things Artefact was a bit unclear on, especially given the title of his post. Information is extremely important in situations like this and I just wanted to help out. Likewise, if I have given some bad info, please let me know. I’ll correct it as soon as I can.

For a little taste of irony, I decided to make the post image of a 1500 year old demon. Solid logic, UK! 1500 year olds are wayyyy too young to be fuckin’.

Update: One of my wonderful hostees has taken the time to write up an article about it. It explains things a bit more thoroughly than mine does as far as the full process of creating an Act of Parliament goes. Hell, I just didn’t want to bore you guys. Haha.