Onii-chan Theatre: Like Memento, But Porn 6

Seriously, I can only really guess as to what exactly I’m missing here since I cover the sound up pretty much entirely. Fuck sake, just… sex finally happens anyway.

You know, I thought “Let’s watch a fun, happy porn this week.” and this is the price I pay for my non-rape hubris.

  Onii-chan Theatre: Like Memento, But Porn (188.8 MiB, 424 hits)

Like Memento, But Porn

Onii-chan Theatre: The Mystery Flap 4

What’s one good turn without the other?


I bet it’s something really neat.

Also, the video is cut off weird because the LAST asshole encoded the porn at the wrong size (720×408) and this one did it right (720×480) but I forgot to change the encode size. Everyone’s fault but mine.

  Onii-chan Theatre: The Mystery Flap (130.3 MiB, 493 hits)

Onii-chan Theatre: No One Even Smelled It 10

Maybe I fucking suck at this now. Who knows? Well, whatever, let’s find out, eh? It’s been four fucking years, people. What is my life even like?

As an aside, finding actual horror hentai has proved to be nigh on fucking impossible. It’s all mind-break bullshit. So much for a spooktacular Halloween.

  Onii-chan Theatre: No One Even Smelled It (126.3 MiB, 776 hits)



Onii-chan Radio: Don’t Call It A Comeback 15

OH MAN! It’s been a while, eh ladies? God, this fucking podcast is so long that I don’t even know what to write about it. I cover a lot of shit in this and I’m going to basically consider it my Christianity podcast as well since a large chunk towards the beginning is dedicated to that. OTHERWISE! It’s more of the normal Radio goodness. Hope you guys dig it, now I’m going to eat some fucking food. And yes, those are traps. I had to throw those pervs a bone eventually.

Onii-chan Theatre: I Really Should Watch These First 21

Well… this one doesn’t go quite so well. That’s what happens when you take a random, generally crappy hentai and try to make something gold out of it. I mean, fuck sake, who wants to watch 26 minutes of people talking about nothing?! Fuck sake.

Ah well. It’s good times. Let’s make out instead of watching this. It’ll be way more fun.

  Onii-chan Theatre: I Really Should Watch These First (111.2 MiB, 22,343 hits)



Onii-chan Radio: Now With More Teens! 9

That’s right kids! Onii-chan Radios back! Now with more hot barely legal teens! Oh man, that’s going to attract all the wrong kinds of spam bots. … Ah well. Finally got around to answering a month and a half worth of questions and buy howdy is my voice under duress. You guys… you guys and your questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS! WHY DO I DO THIS?! Oh well, send some more and we’ll do it all over again in a while. Good times. Also, there’s no yuri, I just felt like clicking that category.

Onii-chan Theatre: When You See The Dragon 15

Well, it’s about time there was another Onii-chan Theatre. So it stands to reason that your loving Onii-chan would fuck it up.

Ah well! He’s found himself a plenty quick way to make them now that doesn’t take as long, so good news there, eh? So yeah. I hope you guys enjoy this one. It’s important! IMPORTANT, DAMNIT! It contains life lessons and all that sort of shit. Okay, that’s really all I’ve got.

  Onii-chan Theatre: When You See The Dragon (87.4 MiB, 12,373 hits)



Onii-chan Radio: Back From The Grave 12

WHEW! That was a close one. I actually lost this week’s Radio… Audacity crashed on me and I had to do some stuff to recover the files. LUCKILY! They were recovered and now I am a super cool guy again. Be warned though, this one is fucking long. I mean a fucking hour and fifty-one minutes of me running on about all sorts of shit from what anime to watch (AGAIN?!) to religion to fucking in the butt. Come to think of it, I touch on just about everything a growing boy needs. Or girl. Mmmm girl.